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Finally a Solution For Bothersome Pet Hair!!!

Use Fur-Zoff on:

•    Clothing
•    Furniture
•    Carpeting
•    Comforters, Pillows and Blankets
•    Car Seats and Floors
•    Pets and Pet Hair Anywhere

It's not pretty but it WORKS!

Fur-Zoff easily removes the most stubborn hard to get pet hairs embedded in your vehicle's cloth seats and carpet. Planning to go on a trip with your pets?  Then take along Fur-Zoff. At home it removes all those pet hairs in carpets and couches. Fur-Zoff is a pet owner's dream for removing all kinds of pet hair.


Fur-Zoff acts like a rake that completely removes pet hair faster and more easily than anything else on the market.  In a sweeping motion it rolls the hair up which can be removed easily with your hand. 

There are many kinds of pet hair remover products in the market today. Some are pretty, some are handsome. Then there's Fur-Zoff. It's not pretty or is it handsome. But Boy, does it Work! How can something so ugly win all the roles? Because this ain't Hollywood. It's the Pet Hair Remover Industry.










Fur-Zoff is made out of finely ground, recycled glass.  A foaming agent is added in the process. The mixture is formed, dried, and heated to about 800oC (1475oF).           

What's A Fur-Zoff Made Of?


           Life Time Guarantee


I have a Jack Russell Terrier that sheds alot. My truck gets covered with hair. It needles its way right into the seats and carpet. Fur-Zoff is the only product that has ever  been able to remove every hair. Like they say: "It's not pretty but it works works."       BH   Winnipeg, MB






                Fur-Zoff is more Effective,

                 Durable and Earth Friendly

                 than any other product for 

                 getting pet hair off fabric.  

The glass particles melt back together to create a solid body and the foaming agent is activated which creates the tiny bubbles.

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