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87 Golis Bay, Winnipeg, MB

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About US

Red River Dawg is a family run business located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  As a wholesaler and on line retailer we are dedicated to meet the needs of customers of stores, veterinarian clinics and boutiques by supplying excellent pet products.

We have been pet owners all of our lives and have tried different types of food and pet accessories. Over the years we've discovered what works best for most owners and pets. From our experience we would like to offer to our customers the tried and true. We are always adding more products to our line. Searching for the coolest and most fashionable items. If there is something you want but can't find it, just get in touch and we will do our best to find it for you. 


For our wholesale clients, Red River Dawg is the alternative to the larger pet distributors. We are not into selling our customers large volumes of product.  Many smaller outlets don't want to get stuck with more inventory than they need. That's why our customers only purchase what they need. Even if it's only one item. 


Over the years we've noticed many companies were lacking in good customer service. No one knew the answer or just kind of let you figure it yourself. We offer our customers good old fashioned hospitality and great customer service. And it's not unusual to get your product delivered by us right to your door the same day. At Red River Dawg the customer comes first.


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